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"Thank you Tobi! Appreciate your help for this proposal submission else we wouldn’t have gone for it. Couldn’t have achieved this without all your help and guidance!" - Toast Box scored a triple win - Established Brands Winner, Most Popular Winner & Overall Winner - in the most fiercely contested category at the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2018.

Toast Box Brand Management Team

"Quality work at a competitive rate. In just 3 weeks, our website was revamped and integrated with ecommerce capabilities. Our language courses are well communicated and Tobi was also very responsive over the course of this project. Given the chance again, we would continue to go with grayhaus."

Maxton Huang, Owner – Oxford Language Academy

"As a UK-based business, working with the right partner overseas is so important! Tobi is what I describe as a consummate professional. She's an excellent communicator and has a very keen eye for details. We've worked together on a number of projects in Singapore and Hong Kong over the last few years and she's been an absolute pleasure to work with. Reliable and always exceeding expectations!"

Tom Oliver, Director – Tom Oliver Nutrition

"Tobi has an array of skills in marketing and advertising. More importantly, she’s one who is not subject to groupthink and brings excellent inputs to the table."

Dane Lim, Director – Pura Brasa

"Tobi is such a breath of fresh air in Singapore! We have been receiving compliments on our new website from everyone we know! Every single detail was well thought out to break away from conventional maid agency websites. Tobi genuinely believes in our business and went above and beyond."

Sanita Latisenko, Owner – Optimaid

During her corporate tenure, Tobi has had the distinction of marketing numerous brands in several different industries and learned first-hand just how important an integrated branding strategy is. As an advocate of data-driven technology, she connects the dots and everything in between with creative yet functional initiatives that effectively convey brand recognition and customer loyalty.

With grayhaus, she continues to do what she loves best by empowering more brands to own what’s next.

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